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Best Facility Management Company in Lagos – Top 10 count down in 2023

Best Facility Management Company in Lagos

In the bustling city of Lagos, where rapid growth and development are the norm, the demand for top-notch facility management services is paramount. Amidst a myriad of choices, one company stands out as the epitome of excellence—RP Facilities Limited. With their unwavering commitment to exceptional service delivery, innovative solutions, and a stellar track record, RP Facilities Limited has earned the esteemed title of the best facility management company in Lagos. This article aims to delve into the reasons behind their unparalleled reputation and shed light on the services that set them apart from the rest.

Unmatched Expertise: RP Facilities Limited boasts a team of seasoned professionals with a wealth of expertise in the field of facility management. Their highly skilled technicians, engineers, and administrators possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in managing diverse properties, ranging from commercial buildings to residential estates. With a knowledge base built on years of experience and continuous learning, they possess the acumen to tackle any challenge and exceed client expectations.

Comprehensive Service Offerings: RP Facilities Limited offers a comprehensive range of services that encompass all aspects of facility management. From proactive maintenance and repairs to meticulous cleaning and security solutions, they leave no stone unturned in ensuring the optimal functioning of properties under their care. Their service offerings include:

  1. Maintenance of Building: With a proactive approach to building maintenance, RP Facilities Limited ensures that structures remain in pristine condition. Their team conducts regular inspections, performs preventive maintenance, and promptly addresses any repairs or issues that arise. By prioritizing the longevity and functionality of buildings, they enhance the value and appeal of the properties they manage.

  2. Construction and Remodel: For clients embarking on construction or remodeling projects, RP Facilities Limited provides comprehensive support from start to finish. Their team collaborates closely with clients, architects, and contractors to ensure seamless execution, adherence to timelines, and cost-effective solutions. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail guarantee exceptional results.

  3. Security Services: Recognizing the paramount importance of safety and security, RP Facilities Limited offers robust security services tailored to the unique needs of each property. Their trained security personnel implement stringent access control measures, conduct regular patrols, and employ cutting-edge surveillance technology to safeguard occupants and assets. With a focus on prevention and rapid response, they create secure environments that foster peace of mind.

  4. Cleaning or Housekeeping Services: Maintaining pristine cleanliness is a hallmark of RP Facilities Limited’s services. Their dedicated housekeeping team employs meticulous cleaning practices, utilizing environmentally friendly products and modern equipment. Whether it’s daily janitorial services or specialized cleaning tasks, they ensure that properties shine with immaculate hygiene, elevating the overall experience for occupants and visitors alike.

  5. Day-to-Day Operational Management: RP Facilities Limited assumes the responsibility of day-to-day operational management, seamlessly handling administrative tasks, vendor coordination, and logistical operations. They streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and maintain efficient communication channels to ensure smooth operations within properties. By taking care of the operational details, they empower clients to focus on their core business objectives.

  6. Space Allocation and Change: Efficient space allocation and effective utilization are key considerations for any property. RP Facilities Limited’s expert team optimizes space allocation, implementing strategic layouts and flexible configurations that maximize functionality. They understand the evolving needs of occupants and provide seamless support during relocations, expansions, or changes in space requirements.

Top 10 Facility Management Company in Lagos – 2023 Updated

Lagos, the economic hub of Nigeria, is a city teeming with vibrant businesses, bustling commercial centers, and thriving residential estates. To meet the growing demand for facility management services, numerous companies have emerged, each vying for recognition as the best in the industry. In this article, we present the top 10 facility management companies in Lagos, showcasing their exceptional services, industry expertise, and commitment to excellence.

  1. RP Facilities Limited: Renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality, RP Facilities Limited leads the pack as the premier facility management company in Lagos. With their comprehensive range of services, highly skilled professionals, and dedication to customer satisfaction, they set the standard for excellence in the industry.

  2. GreenKey FM: Greenkey Facility Management is a full-service facility and property management company established in 2015. Our team has over 40 years of collective experience, working with clients to guarantee functionality and profitability of their buildings with our technology-driven business process. We recognize that the properties entrusted to us represent the hard work and achievements of our clients so we make sure to take great care of it. Greenkey provides seamless control for building owners, operators, and tenants. We combine efficient management with peace of mind.

  3. Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services: As a pioneer in the facility management industry, Alpha Mead Facilities Consultancy provides end-to-end solutions encompassing project management, maintenance, and advisory services. Their expertise in facility planning and design ensures the efficient utilization of resources and the longevity of assets. With a strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services offers comprehensive facility management solutions. Their cutting-edge technology, coupled with a commitment to customer satisfaction, positions them as a leading player in the industry.

  4. James Cubitt Facility Managers: James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM) is one of the foremost facility management companies in Nigeria. Duly registered, it is a part of the James Cubitt Group with offices in Lagos, London, Brisbane, Doha, Accra and UAE. The James Cubitt brand in Nigeria has a 60-year pedigree of designing and delivering projects for clients- Mobil, Shell, Diamond Bank and the United Nations.

  5. Global Facilities Management Limited: Global Facilities Management Limited offers a wide range of facility management services, including maintenance. Their services include facility maintenance, energy management, security, and customer service, ensuring a seamless experience for occupants.

  6. Max-Migold: Max-Migold is a physical facilities management, training, inspection, and technology advisory firm. We work with multi-national clients, as well as Nigerian organizations seeking to optimize costs, achieve sustainability, and develop their human capital in the facilities management sector. We provide practical, results-oriented advisory services that translate into immediate ROI for clients.

  7. CXALL Facility Management Company: Cxall is one of the top facility management companies in Lekki, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. We provide facility management, construction , renovations and maintenance services to residential, industrial & commercial properties. In a society where being unique and standing out from the crowd is required to achieve business goals, having a well-managed facility or business premises can never be overemphasized. Facility management helps integrate people, place, process, and technology in your facility for enhanced delivery of strategic and operational objectives.

  8. Eliezer Facility Management Company: Eliezer performs and manages a wide range of facilities management services. Our complete range of services gives clients a one-stop solution for all their facilities’ needs. Eliezer has been at the forefront of facilities management partnership in Africa bringing best-value, total project ownership approach that has yielded positive results for our clients. With more than 500 employees providing facility management around Africa, Eliezer is committed to providing market-leading solutions for our clients.

  9. Rhapsody Facilities Management Co. Ltd: Rhapsody Facilities Management was established in 2013 as a subsidiary of the highly regarded Akin Olawore and Company, Rhapsody Facilities Management undertakes comprehensive and specific facilities management, which could be property – based or space – based as well as, provides estate management services in the form of occupant management, mediation and dispute resolution and property regulations, licenses, rates and taxes consultancy.

  10. Facilities Pro: Facilities Pro boasts a stellar reputation for their innovative solutions and client-centric approach. Their team of experts specializes in facility maintenance, repairs, and project management, ensuring seamless operations and optimum asset performance.

When it comes to facility management in Lagos, RP Facilities Limited stands head and shoulders above the competition. Their commitment to excellence, unmatched expertise, and comprehensive service offerings make them the unrivaled choice for property owners and stakeholders. By entrusting your property to the best facility management company in Lagos, you can rest assured that your investment will be in capable hands. RP Facilities Limited’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional services, their team of skilled professionals, and their comprehensive range of offerings make them the ideal partner for all your facility management needs in Lagos. Experience the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your property to the best in the business and witness firsthand the transformative impact of their exemplary services. With RP Facilities Limited, your property will not only thrive but surpass all expectations, setting new benchmarks for excellence in facility management.


The top 10 facility management companies in Lagos have carved a niche for themselves by delivering exceptional services and setting new standards of excellence. These companies, including RP Facilities Limited, GreenKey FM, Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services, and others, are at the forefront of the industry, ensuring seamless operations, optimal asset performance, and customer satisfaction. By partnering with these leading facility management companies, property owners in Lagos can experience the peace of mind that comes with entrusting their assets to the best in the business.

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