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Four Vital KPIs for your Cleaning Business

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

KPIs are Key Performance Indicators and they are the metrics you use to assess or evaluate how close you are to reaching the overall goals you set for your business. Simply put, they are the measurement metrics for your business goals.

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Here is 4 Vital KPIs you need to set for your cleaning business

1. Customer Satisfaction.

You need to set up a system that allows your customers to review your work and provide feedbacks to enhance your productivity and also provide marketing avenues to connect to your next customers. For example, watch RP Facilities stories here.

2. Financial Metrics.

This can be in the areas of costs saving or increased revenue by saving time spent on delivering your cleaning project.

3. Business process.

It is very crucial to evaluate and analyze your cleaning business processes to track and remove any gaps, delays, bottlenecks, shortages, or waste.

4. Learning and growth.

Your team is the most important asset in your cleaning business. You need to perform regular staff audit and also check their pulse. They can make or mar your cleaning business. They need to be trained, retrained and kept highly motivated by consciously developing their skills and knowledge base.

by rpfacilities media crew

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