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Cleaning Business Services: What you need to get right!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Shopping Malls, medical facilities, and other commercial buildings all have similar cleaning needs. Cleaning business owners should realize that increasing competition and rising customer expectations have started to create unique market challenges that cleaning companies need to be aware of and account for if they want to keep their current customers and attract new ones. Similarly, valuable new opportunities are also opening up that cleaning business owners need to take advantage of if they want to improve performance and grow their business.

At RP Facilities, we love to clean any surface around offices, Malls, schools, hospitals, or homes. We sometimes handle delicate cleanings for laboratory equipment and technical rooms where high-tech computers and electrical gadgets are housed.

3 Major challenges faced by cleaning business owners:

Labor: Finding & Keeping the Right Employees. Cleaning is labour intensive, and in a country where there is high unemployment rate, you would assume that sourcing for labour would be cheap but this is not the case. The attrition rate is very high especially if the project is not paying well and the work environment is toxic for the workers.

Productivity: Improving Cleaning Efficiency: This is linked with the Labour challenge. High productivity can, in the long run, reduce your overheads costs. Establishing new cleaning procedures, introducing new machines or cleaning equipment, or deploying task management software can help to achieve high productivity. Cleaning business owners should endeavor to keep a highly motivated and high performing team by training, retraining and providing good level of supervision.

Budget: Doing More with Less: Generally, the profit margin for cleaning service is low, so you will need to gain control of your vendor pricing and alternative suppliers for your cleaning consumables whilst you maintain the quality or standard. Your client or customers may not always pay for more, but you can achieve more with spending.

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