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Air Conditioner Servicing Guide for Facility Managers

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

RP Facilities
Air conditioner servicing at RP Facilities Limited

Servicing an air conditioner typically involves several steps, including cleaning or replacing the air filter, cleaning the coils, checking the refrigerant levels, and ensuring that the system is functioning properly. Here are the basic steps to service an air conditioner:

  1. Turn off the power to the air conditioner. This can usually be done at the main electrical panel, or by switching off the circuit breaker that controls the unit.

  2. Remove the air filter and clean or replace it as needed. A dirty or clogged air filter can reduce airflow and reduce the efficiency of the system.

  3. Clean the evaporator and condenser coils. These are typically located inside the air conditioner unit and can become dirty over time, reducing the efficiency of the system. You can use a soft brush or vacuum to clean the coils.

  4. Check the refrigerant levels. If the refrigerant levels are too low, the air conditioner will not cool properly. You may need to call a professional to add refrigerant to the system.

  5. Check the electrical connections and controls. Ensure that all electrical connections are tight and that the controls are functioning properly.

  6. Turn the power back on and test the air conditioner. After completing the service, turn the power back on and test the air conditioner to ensure that it is functioning properly.

It's generally a good idea to have a professional service your air conditioner at least once a year to ensure that it is functioning properly and to catch any potential problems early. A professional technician or a facility management company (facility manager) can also perform more advanced tasks such as checking the ductwork and cleaning the blower motor.

I hope you find these tips useful. Please let me any other subject areas you want me to write on next time. Cheers!

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